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The Magic of Giving & Receiving

This is the time of year where you may think of your loved ones who have passed. You may often think about those special Christmas memories you shared with them. You may think about the traditions you would do or those special gifts you received and may have given. When decorating your home you may come across those unique ornaments they gave you or perhaps their name is on them. What tugs at my heart is when I hear a special Christmas Song that they loved to sing or play all the time. I know my Dad it’s “Hallelujah”and when I hear it brings me closer to him (even though he’s not passed) it still makes me think of him. During this time of year in 2020 we are experiencing some challenges in the gathering of our families. Perhaps you may know a special friend or a family member who may be having their first Christmas without that SPECIAL loved one and they are experiencing all of the above. If you are looking for a Special Unique gift for this person, I would like to suggest a “Gift Certificate” for a special session of “Connection” . I call it The Magic of Giving and Receiving, and not only are you gifting the person here in the physical but also gifting the Loved One in Spirit with a special connection. Yes, those in Spirit are always willing to communicate. It’s important to remember that the conversation can continue, just in a different way. My sessions can be held in person, via phone or Zoom/Facetime. It does not matter where in the world the person lives, I can still connect with their loved one and it’s just as special via phone or online. LOVE never ends…. it’s just different.

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