The Experience

Q & A most people ask about The Experience

Q. How many past lives should I explore in a session? 

A. You may explore up to 2 (sometimes 3) lives in a single session.

Q. What about soul mates?

A. Many people believe that soul mates are the love of their life. My belief is that a soul mate is a soul that has been incarnated at the same approximate time as yours to help you uncover and discover parts of yourself in order to learn and heal in this lifetime. A soul mate can be a friend, a parent, a wife or husband or child. And the relationship may or may not be a kind or loving one.

Q. Will I experience pain in a past life? 

A. As a trained facilitator I will enable you to lift yourself above the pain (your death scene) so that you can watch or experience the event without the physical sensation, and receive the understanding without the pain.

What you may experience in a session:

  •  A journey back through time to uncover lessons from previous lives
  •  Clear and heal emotional abuse
  •  Receive wisdom & knowledge to apply to your current lifetime and situation
  • Healing the connections that you have with others
  • Forgive those who hurt you in the past
  • Meet past friends and lovers
  • Find out what your soul purpose is in this lifetime
  • Meet and connect with your Spirit Guide(s)
  • Receive Clarity and Gifts from your previous lives
  • and much more

Indications of a past life issue in your current life:

  • Prejudice
  • Obsessions
  • Phobias
  • Obesity
  • Self Mutilation
  • Chronic Medical Problems
  • Repeating Patterns
  • Unworthiness
  • Feelings of Loneliness
  • Having Affairs

What happens in a session?

A) Pre-Talk

I will explain the process of the session and discuss your life issues and what you are seeking in your session. Your personal information will remain private and confidential. In your session, you may choose to explore a particular issue, such as, did you know your current spouse in a past life is there an unresolved past life situation regarding ‘x’ that is still bothering you. Or, you may simply choose to leave things open and to be

directed to a past life that is of most value for you to explore at this time. Remembering that the soul knows where it needs to go.

B) Hypnotic Induction

Once you are comfortable and all is ready, we will begin. Using various gentle and effective hypnotic techniques, we will start with a hypnotic induction. This consists of you closing your eyes and relaxing while I verbally guide you down into a peaceful hypnotic state. We will spend adequate time deepening your trance… and then deepen some more, and still more.


C) Past Life Regression

When the time is right, I will guide you to explore one of your past lives. You will perceive your past life body and the environment, and we’ll survey the living conditions, the personal relationships, and some of the important milestones and experiences of the lifetime.  When we have completed your journey, we will move to the last day. Here you can arise from the body and flow into a higher awareness, to painlessly and dispassionately observe the death.

D) Concluding the Session

The session will wind down naturally and we will return to the present. Because you’ve been in a deep trance for hours, we want to make sure you’re fully in the here and now before you leave . We will briefly discuss your experiences to bring clarity regarding your journey. I do encourage you to write in a journal of your experience when you return home. This is also good if you need to return for more sessions so that you can see the progress unfold.

Is it safe?

YES! it is completely safe and very effective. Unlike traditional therapy, there is no need to experience the heavy emotional side effects. Healing can take place when the root of an issue is uncovered and brought to conscious awareness. You are in complete control the entire session and I do not manipulate your subconscious thoughts in any way. You will experience a heightened sense of awareness, and you can never be made to do or say anything you do not want to. I am your trusted guide throughout the session.

Is it possible that I cannot be regressed?

Our relationship is built on trust, compassion and understanding. You have free will choice at every moment, and you will not be forced into any experience that you are not comfortable with. Often, the ego does not want us to experience change, so it is possible to experience some resistance during a regression, but be assured I am there to walk you through the process. Your soul knows where it needs to go.

How do I prepare?

Past Life Regression is an adventure that anyone can enjoy, even in their very first personal hypnosis session. There are, however, several things a person can do to help maximize their regression experience.

Physical Preparation

‘Dress to regress.’ Wear something simple, casual, and comfortable.

Eat a moderate meal beforehand so your appetite will be satisfied for a while.

Refrain from using substances such as alcohol, marijuana, and excessive caffeine before your session as these may cause difficulty during extended periods in trance. A cup of coffee or tea is fine.

Planning your trip

You will appreciate being calm and relaxed both before and after your hypnotic regression experience. Treat your appointment like a sacred vision quest by clearing extra space in your schedule and allowing yourself plenty of time around your session.

After your Journey

Be gentle with yourself… go home and relax. Don’t think too much. Allow the session to settle within you for awhile. You’ll have time later to ponder and analyze.

Drink plenty of water, as hypnosis sessions tend to be dehydrating. Also, eat something solid to ground yourself.

At night after your session, you will sleep deeply and beautifully.

Afterwards, consider journaling about your experience and the new insights which will flow in. For you have opened the doors to your soul memories and your inner self…

Explanation of Session Type

  • Past Life Regression – Regress to a past life, move to and fro through the lifetime, explore meaningful experiences, relationships, and milestones, and understand the connection to the present.
  • Life Between Lives – Typically includes regression through childhood, womb, past life, and life between lives including, visiting the Spirit World, meeting spirit guides, soul group, Council of Elders, restoration/healing, current life and body selection, library, etc.
  • **Please note: that you must have had a Past Life Regression**