The Experience

Q & A most people ask about The Experience

Q. Is there anything I should do to prepare for my session?

A. Come with an open heart and leave your expectations at the door. Allow your session to unfold as it should.

Q. Should I bring a picture and or certain items that belonged to my loved one?

A. You can if you wish but not necessary.

Q. Is there a big difference between an In person session to a Phone or Zoom Session?

A. The only difference is that there is a screen or phone between us and I cannot give you a HUG at the end of our session. Energy is energy, it does not matter where you are in the world. I receive the messages and connections the same way. 

Q. Will the session be recorded?

A. If in person, you can record from your phone or a recording device. If your session is via zoom , I can video record our session and then email it to you. 

Q. How many people can I have in a Zoom Group Reading? 

A. As many as you wish. If it’s 4 people and under you can book this via my website. If it’s more than you would need to email me.

Q. How long should I wait to have a session after my loved one passed?

A. I usually say anywhere between 3 to 4 months. You need your time to grieve .

Q. Do you do Psychic Future Forecasts?

A. I give Spiritual Guidance and the Tools you need to assist you for your higher and best interest to move forward. Some healing may also take place as well. Sometimes in my sessions, I will receive some future predictions . You will receive what you are meant to receive. I AM only the conduit/messenger for your Loved Ones and or Spirit Guides.

Q. Can you communicate with Animals?

A. Yes. Only if your pet is willing to come forward. I communicate with them telepathically , just like with your Loved Ones. 

Q. Is it safe?

A. Absolutely!! It’s about intention. I only invite those who are from the Divine into our space. I have never encountered anything dark or evil.  of

What you may experience in a session:


All kinds of emotions may happen in your session. Some people describe it like riding a roller coaster. Up and down with different emotions from loads of laughter to tears and wonder.

You may also receive answers, closure an healing. Again , you will receive what you are meant to .   


What happens in a session?

Regardless if it’s a Spiritual  Guidance session or a Mediumship session, I always start with an Introduction. I explain how I connect . Then I proceed with the session. If you still have questions , you may ask them at the end but I cannot guarantee answers. Again, it’s up to your Loved One’s and Spirit Guides what they wish to share for you to know.