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Remembering A Loved One

Often when a client has a session with me, I always ask their loved ones to share with me a special memory that my client may have had. Sometimes this is through an impression, or an image or through their words. They use all my senses to bring it to life. It could be a joyous one, or sacred one or even a sad moment that they shared. It all depends on the loved one coming through and sometimes what the client needs to hear or know. My most recent client had her Mother visit and wanted to share a certain song she would always sing to her when she was down. Yes, I heard the song ” Love is what makes the world go round”. She also mentioned that she was aware of the tattoo she was getting the next day that said “This to shall pass”. This was a saying she would often say to her during difficult times and coming through letting her know that she was aware of her situation. She was reminding her that she is still her Mother, just in a different special way.

Your loved one in Spirit love when you remember or talk about them, especially the special moments you shared together. It’s like replaying a movie and they are actually visiting you (most of the time) when you are in this special moment. This raises your vibration (because you are happy) and draws them in closer to you. When this happens you may sense them , or smell them and sometimes even hear them. Trust what you receive and most of all BELIEVE. What happy memory are you thinking of in this moment?

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