Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regression healing

Past life memories come to us is in many forms such as dreams, Deja-vu experiences and when visiting a new country, it can feel somewhat familiar. Some people may fear water, fires, public speaking, or fear of heights. These are just a few common phobias. While visiting your past, you may discover that you drowned at death, hanged, or burned at the stake or perhaps even a plane crash. As you explore these past life traumas, the therapy begins, and the phobias cease to exist afterwards. Emotional and physical challenges carried over from past incarnations into the present life can be quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression therapy in far fewer sessions than with conventional therapy.

It can also be healing to discover why we have certain relationships with certain people in our lives? Why do we repeat the same patterns over and over?  The process of hypnosis will allow you to experience healing or wisdom and gives us the opportunity for a clean start, another chance to learn and grow towards our goal and spiritual betterment.

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