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Catherine Brown

Helen, Thank you! I am so grateful, to know someone as beautiful, thoughtful and gifted as you! Although, I knew all those years ago that you were very special, what I didn’t know was how one group session was going to turn into such an adventure! When I first saw you “perform” your talents, I was in awe…….it was so natural and genuine and emotional. It’s not a secret that 2014 has repeatedly been a difficult year for me, and for those around me. You’ve helped me to deal with multiple losses, and you’ve reminded me that love never dies, it is always near. You’ve also taught me to trust and to listen to my own intuition, which is an empowering gift of its own! I toot your horn often, lol, because I want everyone I know, to feel the calmness you’ve given to my heart!!! xo

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