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Antonietta Di Roma (Toronto)

I can’t thank you enough Helen for a great friendship in a short period of time. The other morning meeting with you and receiving messages from my loved ones just made me see how special your gift is. Sometimes we all go through many difficult obstacles in our life and can’t understand why? Then we stop trying and we find a peace through people like your self with a gift that can give us messages from people that did love us and need to give us the right message to move forward. I’m very proud to see you in this spiritual side and feel you have made the right choices. God has blessed you and I truly wish many more people see you and feel how I felt leaving you the other day. Truly I have to thank you because I have been lost in a very deep sadness but know I’m flowing the message and I believe life will come together. Helen thank you and looking forward to January 18th,2014 at my women’s breakfast… Everyone needs an answer or peace

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