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About Helen Peacock

Helen Peacock

Spiritual Medium

My mission is to help enlighten, clarify, heal and bring understanding where it is most needed. If you have landed on my site today, it may be that you need my assistance.
I am blessed to be able to help you, and only want to be a blessing in return. Please read my Testimonials to see how I have helped others.

I LOVE being the Messenger (the Beacon of Light) and making the connections with the Spirit World. This is my calling and my PASSION!

Brightest Blessings!!


I’m still buzzing from the most extraordinary experience yesterday!

Helen Donnelly-Peacock truly has the gift to connect to loved ones that have passed.

I had a full-on conversation with my beloved grandmother; she came through Helen loud and clear. She was precise with sharing things that only I would connect with.
I knew immediately that it was my grandmother when Helen said that an older woman is coming through and showing me a symbol of a thumb thimble… a gift I have my grandmother many times through my childhood!

thank you for sharing your gift with me. So much gratitude XO!

Dorian Kolians-Molinari

Thank you Helen so very much for getting my husband and I in contact with our daughter Tayah.
It was such a wonderful and cherished experience to be able to hear from our little angel once more.
Although we continue to miss our princess deeply, it brought us great peace knowing she really is still with us and that she is truly happy and in complete peace and love.
You have such a positive energy! We felt so very comfortable with you and you told us things that no one could possibly know to validate our experience.
Thank you Helen!
We would love to see you again

Candice Fairbrother (Barrie, ON)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Helen and watching her amazing soul journey since she apprenticed with me many years ago.  Helen is incredibly insightful, intuitively accurate and divinely guided as she walks you through the veils of illusion to capture a sacred moment with loved ones.  She is full of joy and laughter that makes the experience memorable in a really loving way.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for comfort or validation from a loved one who has transitioned to the other side.

Donna Hamilton (Guelph, ON)

I can’t thank you enough Helen for a great friendship in a short period of time. The other morning meeting with you and receiving messages from my loved ones just made me see how special your gift is. Sometimes we all go through many difficult obstacles in our life and can’t understand why? Then we stop trying and we find a peace through people like your self with a gift that can give us messages from people that did love us and need to give us the right message to move forward. I’m very proud to see you in this spiritual side and feel you have made the right choices. God has blessed you and I truly wish many more people see you and feel how I felt leaving you the other day. Truly I have to thank you because I have been lost in a very deep sadness but know I’m flowing the message and I believe life will come together. Helen thank you and looking forward to January 18th,2014 at my women’s breakfast… Everyone needs an answer or peace

Antonietta Di Roma (Toronto)

Thank YOU so much for this experience.. I just feel so happy & relieved you told me things that only me & George could have known & the unanswered questions that I had all those months are finally answered, giving their place to a feeling of comfort & even.. happiness!!! Now I know he is here with me & he watches over me & I am just feeling so blessed!!! I related everything to his favorite cousin & she feels the same way too! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for what you did to me & how grateful I am now that I made sure that my loved one is in a place that’s nice & beautiful.. a thank you would be very little!  ευχαριστώ!!!!!

Μαρία Μαθιουδάκη (Greece)

Helen, Thank you! I am so grateful, to know someone as beautiful, thoughtful and gifted as you! Although, I knew all those years ago that you were very special, what I didn’t know was how one group session was going to turn into such an adventure! When I first saw you “perform” your talents, I was in awe…….it was so natural and genuine and emotional. It’s not a secret that 2014 has repeatedly been a difficult year for me, and for those around me. You’ve helped me to deal with multiple losses, and you’ve reminded me that love never dies, it is always near. You’ve also taught me to trust and to listen to my own intuition, which is an empowering gift of its own! I toot your horn often, lol, because I want everyone I know, to feel the calmness you’ve given to my heart!!! xo

Catherine Brown

What can I say … Another absolutely amazing spirit chat date with Helen. Thank you, thank you! Always so inspirational, insightful and so comforting. You are truly meant to be doing this – helping and healing. I encourage anyone to contact Helen. You will be in awe. Love you, girl.

Janice Fahey (Oakville, ON)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! What a wonderful way to spend my sisters birthday! We lost our parents when we were quite young, obviously we have many questions. Helen was so professional, clear and concise, her whole demeanor is so lovely and calming. My parents lovingly came through and a few uncles and my best friends dad. Wow, is all I can say. There are ways she described them that you knew that was them. Things they said that no one else would know…the duck 🙂 lol It was very emotional but totally and utterly worth every minute. Thank you again Helen. You are a special lady!!

Lynda Roberts (Milton, ON)
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